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Muhammad Ali Lakhani

Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani is a well-established “young” shipping professional and further hold some great sporting honors under his name. While he proved his mettle in tennis on an international level, he gave up on the sport after a few years to look forward to his career in the shipping industry.

Journey of an established Tennis player turning into shipping professional

Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani was born and brought up in Dubai and spent his early years in countries like the UAE, the USA, and the United Kingdom. It was during his school times when he started participating in various sports and eventually found his interest in Tennis. From there on, he thought of capitalizing on his talent within the sport.  Being a youngster, it was quite hard for him to decide on his future prospects as a tennis player. Now, this was where his father encouraged and motivated him to carry on with his efforts in the tennis court.

His father Mr. Tahir Lakhani is a well-recognized businessman in the shipping industry globally. Still, instead of asking his son to join him at his business, he decided to motivate him towards nurturing his tennis skills via rigorous training and practice. As Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani stands as a quick learner, he successfully balanced between his education & training sessions for tennis.

After securing his place in the UAE National Team, Mr. Ali Lakhani then decided to polish his tennis skills and joined training at Saddlebrook Tennis Academy in Florida in the USA. Still, it can be said that destiny has different plans for him. After acquiring an injury due to an accident, his plans to play tennis on the international level further came to a halt.

Because of the same injury, he discontinued his tennis training but still never lost hope to make a comeback in the game. Ali then decided to step into the shipping industry and thought of making it big in his career as a shipping professional.

After marking his return to the UK, Ali Lakhani focused heavily on his education and secured a bachelor’s degree in Maritime Business & Law. After finishing his graduation, Ali Lakhani was all set to make it big in the shipping industry. Still, as he knew that experience matters a lot in any sector, he stayed back in London and kept on working for numerous multinational companies.

Coming back to UAE to chase his career aspirations

After securing the required experience through all the MNCs in the UK, Ali then switched back to UAE and still going great guns with his career for the past 7 years. Ali always got a deep interest and liking for the unmanned aerial vehicles which he builds and tests as a part of his interest and hobby-. Currently, he looking forward to turning this hobby into a profession and got plans to grab some big achievements in the shipping industry.

Mr. Ali Lakhani hopes to deliver cutting edge drone solutions as an additional service across the UAE’s ports with a wide range of services like aerial environmental & security surveillance and drone delivery services.

Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani is an ardent sailor and heavily inspired by his family business of ship recycling across the globe. He has also acquired an RYA Level 2 Captain’s License that makes him a certified professional in the same industry.