A former Vice Chairman of the UAE Shipping Association, Mr. Tahir Lakhani is a big tycoon of Shipping Recycling Industry, who was honoured to represent UAE Association until 2019. He has been a British Citizen since 2009 but never missed a chance to visit Dubai and to work for Dubai.

Mr Tahir Lakhani Dubai was born in Pakistan on April 27th, 1962 into a well respected family. He has been a good achiever since his childhood either its education or sports or business. During his schooling he started taking part in sports and eventually he became a good & sharp tennis player.

Muhammad Tahir Lakhani Shipping not even started playing well but also started to guide his team and then with his good command in tennis, Muhammad Tahir Lakhani was selected to represent Pakistan at Davis Cup. Becoming a professional tennis player, Mr. Lakhani also played Junior Wimbledon which came with his life ever achievement in his very young age.

After such a beautiful journey in sports, He decided to explore his career in business. So with the vision of giving a good way to the Shipping industry, Mr. Tahir joined his friend’s company. It was a ship recycling yard, based in Pakistan and worked hard for 3 years in his 20s. During his tenure at the Recycling Yard, Tahir was dedicated towards his work & responsibility, even he was very energetic supervising the movement of steel plates with his shift of 8 am to 8 pm.

After spending enough time at his close friend’s company, Mr. Tahir Lakhani decided to establish his business and with this firm vision he moved to Dubai, UAE from Pakistan. DTA (Dubai Trading Agency) is the Shipping Recycling Company which was founded by Muhammad Tahir Lakhani in Dubai, 1985 and the process of the company is to buy old ships and selling them to the recycling yards for decommissioning.

With the span of time, DTA became the first ‘cash buyer’ of vessels to set up fully fledged operations in the UAE and was partnered with international maritime publication Tradewinds for holding the first Green Recycling Conference in Dubai.

In 1996, DTA purchased three ex-Adriatic Tankers VLCC’s in international waters off the UAE and delivered them to breakers in Pakistan, which was one of the biggest ship demolition deals ever, made by Mr Tahir Lakhani. It was not enough though, as by 1997, DTA was the successful shipping recycling company ever becoming the biggest “Cash Buyer” of ships in the world, who started buying and selling over 100 ships per year.

Now the time came, when Tahir Lakhani considered promoting the shipping Industry globally and took the big decision to move to the UK with his family. He then made new plans and connections over there to extend the business.

Gradually, Mr. Muhammad Tahir Lakhani became a British Citizen in 2009 and was succeeded to give global recognition to the shipping industry in the UK. But after such endeavours, he always continued to visit Dubai on a regular basis, and to expand the business in both volume and scale, eventually moving back in 2014.

Muhammad Tahir Lakhani